Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So far I'm loving World of Warcraft. I have several characters but my main one is a lvl 79 Blood Elf Hunter, Zelligarth. You can see all my characters on my WoW page, see the link just to the left?

I'm not sure what makes it so interesting to me when I used to really enjoy City of Heroes - and now I haven't played CoH for months. I think it was that I have done all of the main content and quests in CoH, CoV and even the new rogues add-on. Every new character I start goes through pretty much the same content, with minor changes.

But in WoW, every race has a large starting area and a huge number of quests to get you acquainted with the race, your class, your area, and the world in general. The quests you get are all optional, but all fun in one way or another. Even the simple 'Go kill 10 wolves' sort of missions are put to you in such a way that it's not simple hunting, it's for the protection of the area or to make the wolf population healthier or to help defeat a corruption or evil infecting the wolves, etc.

The Goblin starting area and quests are hilarious. Turns out that you caused the cataclysm and destruction of the Goblin home island during a game where you launched a ball high in the air and... hit the dragon Deathwing. Bad move.

Hilarious, like I said.