Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Grandmother on my Mother's side passed away yesterday morning early. The funeral is tomorrow, I'll be driving to Roanoke tonight and back home again tomorrow night. Supposed to rain the entire way both days, but at least it's not snowing like last time!

I'm all out of Grandparents. Is this the moment when I realize I'm getting old?

These lightning trips to Roanoke are good in that I get to see my family, but bad in that I don't really have an opportunity to see any of my old friends. I feel guilty because I've been out of touch for so long.

Of course, Gary keeps an eye on me by reading this occasionally. *waves*

Hopefully Bruce and the gang are still playing something, either Traveller or Morrow or something interesting. I think Gary or one of the guys needs to go to blogger.com, register an account, and start making a blog website about the games. Yes, I think that would be a good idea. Hint hint.