Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Toby was apparently bothered by something on his right rear leg Friday, so he nibbled at it.  Then he chewed at it, then he gnawed at it...

Saturday we took him to the vet - he's now wearing a special collar to prevent him from gnawing his leg - it's not an Elizabethan collar, just a very high collar with no cone.  He hates it.

But he managed to bruise the bone and kill the skin, possibly damaged the underlying muscle and such - he's not limping any more, so we think he'll recover.

There was a lump on his leg - that started the whole thing.  They took a biopsy and will let us know.

We're not having much luck with dogs these last few months.  We thought Toby was relatively healthy and low maintenance!  I just hope he gets better and the lump is not a problem.