Monday, April 30, 2012


Nothing much going on - all is quiet!  Everyone is healthy, even Toby!  His back has recovered (mostly) but we still leash him to take him outside just to prevent him getting too excited and jumping around if the dog next door barks at him or if a bird flies over.

I'm making time to play WoW - still love that game.  Certain aspects annoy me, but they are easily overlooked when thinking about all the good parts. The main complaint I have is that some of the yearly events have prestigious achievements associated with them, and I want to try to get them all - but some of them require fairly involved PvP gaming, that is Player vs Player, where you have to enter a battleground composed of 20 alliance and 20 horde players fighting it out.  I wouldn't have a problem if the achievement was just to be in a winning game, etc - but this particular one is to actually carry and capture the flag during the game.  That is difficult to do if you are a full-time PvP player with excellent gear and full knowledge of the particular battleground.  That does not describe me.  I don't like PvP and don't have the gear nor the skill to excel there.  :)

Work is going well, we just hired a new fellow to help with various tasks and pitch in with support for other customers as well.  It's great, he learns quickly and takes the initiative when required.  Low maintenance helpers are the best!  I still miss Brian, but he's happier in his new workplace now. *grin*

Tonight is the 3rd episode of Eureka, since we somehow missed the 2nd one, it is set to record today around 3pm, so we will have two epsiodes to watch.  Great show, shame it's the last season.