Wednesday, July 04, 2012

iGoogle being phased out - no real replacement

What's happening to iGoogle?

You idiots.  You finally have something that can be used as a home page or default target page where we can have newsreaders and hundreds of gadgets that WE can decide what goes where - and then you decide to force us to 'upgrade' to your Google+ crapware program which can do none of the above.

You are likely to lose people's hearts and minds over this.  Yahoo, for instance, allows you to customize a home page without stupid real-name registering like Google+ requires.

First, you killed my original website, forcing me to move it to Blogger.  Then you killed the ability to remotely FTP information to it, forcing me to use the online editor, and stranding hundreds of pictures that I now must either re-code into your website storage or arrange long term redirects and storage for.

Now you killl off my default newsreading page, where I keep all my google reader and reddit items for ease of reading?  Lack of foresight here guys.  Never discontinue a service without a better service available.  Because if YOU don't have a replacement service, someone else will, and then you stand the chance to lose a user completely.