Friday, July 27, 2012

Just Stuff

Nothing much going on, really. Some drama with cars and tags and such, nothing that can't be sorted out with an appropriate amount of time in line at the MVA.

Toby is in good health - running around and such - we try to limit his jumping and especially twisting while jumping, as he has a known bad back, but he acts like a puppy. :)   He really hates being alone, and I feel bad for him, but we aren't getting another dog. I come home for lunch every day so he's not alone that long.  Toby and the cat appear to have come to a truce, sort of a DMZ situation, where the cat ignores Toby unless he gets too close, then there's a hiss or two to back him off.

 I'm still playing World of Warcraft a lot - mainly just selling stuff on the AH to build cash and doing Archaeology as much as possible to try to get the rare artifacts all discovered before the new version arrives in Sept. They are adding tons of stuff, so the more I get done now the less I'll have to catch up on. I started playing City of Heroes again, kinda slacked off but if I get tired of WoW I just start up CoH and play a while.

On the health front, I have had two different doctors tell me that it is very very doubtful that I have Crohn's or Celiac, which is good.  The consensus seems to be that I got an infection from eating spoiled meat, which I am usually paranoid and very careful about - but one slip-up...

The infection is gone, but it triggered IBS and gluten intolerance, which can last from 6 mo to forever, no way to tell.   But the Doctors did say that most people that go on a gluten-free diet feel better overall even if they don't have any intolerance to gluten.  :)  I just miss bread and Krispy Kremes.  And pasta.  *sigh*