Thursday, November 29, 2012

Google Reader

Well, since Twitter has removed compatibility with RSS feeds, you now have to read all of the people you follow on Twitter - other applications will either fail or have very limited access to the tweets, only a certain number per day, etc.  So Twitter seems to be doing it's level best to put itself out of the running to be an important part of people's online lives.

If you cannot read it the way you want to - RSS feed, many free apps, website widgets, etc - then you likely won't use it.  I know where I used to read it several times a day to keep up with the happenings of the people I followed, now I might read the last few every week or so.  The Twitter site is not suited to reading tweets from more than one or two people. 

Ah well.

Since Twitter was the main reason I went to NetVibes from Google Reader - I had a Twitter gadget in iGoogle, so I would be able to read my feeds from Reader right next to all of my Twitter posts.  It was nice and convenient.  One page for all.  Then Google decided to get rid of iGoogle, meaning I would have to use Reader directly, and lose my Twitter gadget.  So I left and went to NetVibes that had a separate Twitter gadget like I wanted.  It worked for a while - until Twitter pulled this bonehead move.

So now I'm drifting back to Google Reader.  It's easier to use and more stable than NetVibes.  I still like NetVibes and might find a way to use it yet, but for my normal RSS feeds, I'll be using Google Reader.  At least until they change something else without reason.