Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Computer Upgrades

Sunday I finally got tired of my computer running so hot I had to keep the side off - and thus it was quite loud.  I disconnected everything, removed the 4 original fans (one in the bottom, one in back, two in the top), then I disconnected all of the sensors and power to the stupid NXZT 'fan controller' which never worked.  With that out of the picture, I installed new fans I bought a few years ago - 1600rpm, 88cfm per fan, connecting them to the motherboard fan pins as they were supposed to be.

Previously, with the side off it would reach 85C, with the side on it went way higher - over 95c at times.  Not good.

Now, with the side on, it stays in the 70-75c range when playing World of Warcraft.  Acceptable.  With the side off, it drops by 5c, but it's very loud.  Like having several mini-vacuum cleaners on the shelf by your head.  So the side stays on.

Unfortunately, while doing all of this I managed to get a face full of accumulated dust - and now I have an inflamed eyelid. 

I'm trying to be cautious about messing with it.  I wash it out with warm water a few times a day, seems to be helping.  With any luck it will heal on it's own in a few days.

EDIT: Eye is much better now - 2/21/13

 Also, the old fans were the original ones that came with the case, and were 1200rpm/44cfm, so I doubled the airflow in the chassis. So far it's working nicely!