Friday, February 08, 2013


Wow - over a month!  I'm not great at keeping this thing updated, apparently.

Toby is doing well - no new health issues and he seems to be feeling pretty good.  Now if we can just avoid another back injury, we'll be doing fine.

Sara and Kacey are fine - everyone is good.  Kacey just turned 30 - we took her out for a steak dinner and game-time at Dave & Busters.  

I'm playing WoW still - got my new panda monk to 90 and yesterday finished the farmer's union questline so my farm is now maxed.  Time to start leveling another character!  Maybe my new panda rogue I just started, but there are others as well.  It's very interesting that my aim in playing WoW is not to get the best gear and go on all the raids, it's to get my characters' farms maxed out.