Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I've seen email scams that are getting increasingly sneaky - for instance :

-- from UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc saying they could not deliver a package, 'click here for information'.

-- from credit reporting company, warning you of a change to your credit score.  'Click here for information'.

-- from a bank, credit card, or other business saying your purchase was successful.

-- from ebay saying you changed your password or asked a buyer a question.

-- from PayPal or some other online payment site saying your payment was successful.

etc - there are many variations - basically all try to scare you into thinking something is wrong, or someone is stealing from you, or an online account was used without your permission.  All try to make it very very important that you click on the link.  Maybe threats that your account will be closed, etc. 

Of course, the 'information' for all of these is either an attached virus or a link to an infected website where they try to give you a virus.  I've started seeing a new method - they link to a file in a dropbox account (or other free online file storage).

So - DO NOT CLICK.  If you are curious, go to the website the email claims to be from - but don't use any links in the email.  Go there through your normal bookmarks or favorites you always use.