Saturday, September 28, 2002

I just installed the Army Operations game developed by the US Govt - the install went smoothly, although it did not ask where to install, it just went ahead with C:\program files\etc... Seems a bit structured - if you do anything outside the realms of the mission at hand, you fail, the mission ends, and you start over. Figures that an Army designed game would leave very little personal choice in the game. I'll likely complete at least one mission just to give it a better chance. Also, my firewall alerted me to the fact that it attempted dozens of times to connect to machines on the internet for some reason, perhaps to check for updates or connect to a multi-player server, but I like to have more control over what my games do.

Stalin report : I tried multiple methods with just the 2gb drive - nothing I tried would allow it to be recognized by bios as a valid drive.

I then disconnected it and tried the same song and dance with the 8gb drive - and was able to see it in bios as a 167mb drive. Not good. But at least as the only drive in the system, fdisk would see it - and as an 8gb drive. Why bios thought it was 167mb, I don't know. This was with or without the 2gb max jumper in place. I then took off that jumper, let bios think what it may, and installed RH 7.3 on it, using a default workstation install. Worked fine. I played a little Tuxracer and decided that this machine is too freakin' slow to play games on.

Thus, the scsi drives failed, in combination and singly. The ide drives failed in combination, but the single 8gb drive worked although bios misread it. Single 2gb drive did not exist - had apparently been shunned by the Award people for some transgression, as my bios wasn't talking to the drive at all.

Now I have a functional 8gb rh system - I added the 340mb ide and formatted it as swap - worked fine. RH did warn me that I should make a /boot partition - so I did. 50mb /boot, rest as /

The Dell server shipped out already, I should get it next week. When that happens, I may retire Stalin as too old to use. Rasputin will be the RH box I'll be using, and it will likely be RH 8.0.

At work, Brian installed RH 8.0 on a newly configured system, it looks great - there were oohhs and ahhs over the install routine - completely different from 7.3 and far superior. It also allows virtual arrays - which means that the four 120gb drives we installed in the box are now one big honking chunk of storage! :)