Tuesday, October 01, 2002

After getting RH installed on Stalin, I was discussing the problem with a co-worker, and the subject of the 2gb limit came up. As the last install I did was only about 1gb total, it was not a valid test! The other installs were all 4.5 gb or so, and seemed to fail about halfway through... I think that this original pentium MB and BIOS are too old to be used with large disks. This is the original P133 mb, bleeding edge when I bought it, upgraded later with an Evergreen 240MMX cpu that boosted the speed to 240 and added MMX processing. There is no bios option to boot from CD, and several other clues that perhaps this machine may be incompatible with RH on a large disk. Is it worth stacking multiple small drives in the unit and trying to make it all work?

Even working as it is right now, it is dead slow ahead in Gnome or KDE. 30 sec+ to open anything. Too slow.

Anyone want a P240 with 128mb EDO ram and a random assortment of drives? Make me an offer. :) Time for Stalin to go back into the closet, I think.