Sunday, September 22, 2002

Landscaping is almost done! They did a great job of it. The wall in the back looks great and changes the whole backyard - makes it more complete. The two trees they planted are great, and the new white gravel sets off the adobe-colored bricks of the wall nicely. All that is left is to put more gravel, and find some way to cover up a few structural beams and groundcloth that was exposed by the removal of the large bushes where the wall was incomplete, and then we should be done!

In the front yard, they poured concrete to extend the front walk along the driveway about 6' or so, making it a sweeping curve instead of the old right angle with two paving stones. They build a stone wall along the bottom of the curved concrete walk which looks fantastic! On the other side of the driveway they built a flagstone path along the edge of the yard to the back gate. All looking very nice indeed! I think they are finished in front.