Monday, September 23, 2002

Stalin update! With the very gracious loan of a manual kvm switch and a keyboard ps2 adapter (Thanks Scott!), I have both of my systems switching back and forth easily now with one monitor and keyboard. Still have 2 mice, but that's just fine!

fdisk /mbr to reset mbr on the 1st disk, then fdisk /cmbr2 to reset mbr on the second disk (undocumented command line tool)
Then I removed ALL existing partitions, created max partitions on both drives, which resulted in a 2gb active partition on disk 1 and an 8gb partition on drive 2 (non-active). Then I formatted BOTH drives using /C parm (check clusters already marked bad)

Used \dosutils\autoboot to enter red hat installation from the CD. My system will not boot from the CD...

Using disk druid, delete both existing partitions, then create new ones as below:
sda1 = / , 1749mb, mark bootable
sda2 = swap, 400mb
sdb1 = /var, 1028mb
sdb2 = /home, 1028mb
sdb3 = /usr, 6620mb

Right now I'm in the middle of yet another install - 2hr estimate. It usually craps out at just over an hour, within 10 min of swapping in CD#2.
UPDATE: Now only 40 min away from completion! This is the farthest it has ever gone. Dare I think even for a moment that success could be in the future? Stay tuned...
UPDATE: Ouch. 30 min from completion - it popped up a fatal error and forced a reboot. Just after loading the 3rd CD, too.