Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Another Sniper attack - and another death. This one hits closer to home, because I work with the Ride-On bus people occasionally, and know many of them.

Last night there were dozens of news shows and interviews with 'experts' who are all guessing wildly about the motivations of the sniper and his next move. We have precious few facts about him. He apparently called the number he had left the police, but used a voice-changing device that in combination with his broken english and strong accent made most of his side of the conversation very hard to understand. The police want him to call again so that they get it correct. I have heard rumors that he asked for money and made other threats. These threats were taken seriously enough that all of the schools in Northern VA are closed today.

This guy is by definition a terrorist, and is spreading fear throughout the nation - expanding his reach with every attack. Now he is reinforcing the fear in the center of 'his' territory, where he began. Possibly the police request to call again because his message was incomprehensible may have angered him - I recently read that the letter was in broken english.