Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I'm home sick today - been fighting some intestinal bug for several days and last night it got the best of me. I got nearly no sleep at all last night and this morning I am still suffering. I did manage to work the bugs out of my connection to work, so I can at least check my email and work with the servers a bit if needed.

On the home front, I have managed to get Rasputin to show up in My Computer on Trotsky, but I still cannot copy files back and forth. I can see the samba shares I created, but not access them. I'll likely tinker with that some more after I grab some much needed sleep - if this bug allows me any sleep, that is.

As for the Sniper, more and more details come out every day - about his letters, notes, demands, threats, etc. This guy should quit ranting and raving and just shoot himself if he is so upset that he has to kill people to express himself. I'll post more on the new details later, but CNN has great coverage.