Thursday, October 24, 2002

Wow! Eventful night. After getting no sleep the night before, and being sick all day, I was up again past midnight, this time watching the events unfold regarding the sniper.

Here is a summary:
Police got a call from someone claiming to be the sniper and bragging about another hit in Alabama.
Police checked, and found that during the investigation of that other hit, they found a note with a fingerprint - this print was of Lee Malvo, a citizen of Jamaica, 17.
They traced him to a house (rented by John Allen Muhamed, aka John Allen Williams) in Tacoma, WA, and searched both it and a high school in Belleville (sp?). While searching the backyard, they found a tree stump riddled with holes - they cut it down, as well as another near it, and then searched the yard for other evidence - 2 u-haul trucks of evidence were taken away.
The next door neighbor called the press for some reason, thus risking alerting the sniper to the investigation. I think some legal action should be taken here.
The police later released the names of two men that they 'wanted to speak with', explicitly NOT naming them as suspects.
The police announced live on the news the names, description of the car, as well as tag number and state. This resulted in a citizen tip that allowed the police to locate and detain the men at a rest stop on I70.

Other notes: John Allen Muhamed, aka John Allen Williams, is former Army, posted at Ft Lewis near Tacoma, and lived at the home that was searched. Neighbors reported hearing shots fired - but as it was a military town, not much was done or investigated.

This all is very promising, but everyone is still claiming that the two men are not suspects in the sniper attacks, but may have information or otherwise be connected. They were arrested on federal weapons charges unrelated to the sniper attacks.

I sincerely hope that these guys are the snipers, and that police have an airtight case against them. They are both on record as being anti-american, al-queda sympathizers, and generally sick individuals that need to be put down like rabid dogs. I want to see them dance in the electric chair for this.