Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Even after I cancelled my Yahoo account in September, I was still being charged $5 per month to my visa. Since I had erased my visa information on yahoo, I was kinda wondering just how they were doing this... I emailed tech support a few days ago and today got word that it was the virtual address that I was paying $5 per month for - that used to direct my geocities account to another geocities account with my name in it. Convenient at the time, not needed now. They cancelled it and refunded $10 to my visa. Nice touch that. Hopefully this will close the yahoo chapter.

Supposed to rain and snow tonight, which means the morning will bring a nightmare of ice and traffic. We were supposed to drive down to Roanoke tomorrow evening, but with this weather, Thursday morning seems more sane.

Started reading 'Hacking Exposed, 3rd ed' yesterday - in the same vein as 'Counter Hack', but different authors and different information and stories.

I'm also trying to learn spanish - via cassette on the drive to/from work. 8 30-min lessons on 4 cassettes. So far so good.