Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Skimmed through the "Pole Shift" book, not much there worth reading. Started "The Cabinet of Curiosities" by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, which promises to be a good book. I'm also reading 'Hacking Exposed', but technical material needs fiction to break it up, so I usually read two books in the same time period, alternating as needed.

No snow, just rain and 35 here, but we will still wait until tomorrow for the drive. Harrisonburg is supposed to get snow today, and I don't want to drive into a snowy situation. Mom has a full Turkeyday dinner with all the trimmings in the preparation stage, so great fun should be had by all!

Making good progress through Half-Life - I forgot how much fun it was! Since I have completed the game once a long time ago, I know just enough to have an edge, and finish sections faster than the first time - as I know where to go and what to do, for the most part. The sound and graphics improvements are nice, but overall the gameplay is what made this game the Game of the Year in several publications.