Monday, December 09, 2002

Saturday was a good day - Patty and I got the Christmas Tree up and the lights on it, and I got all the xmas boxes out of the attic as well so she could begin the decorating the next day!

Sunday : Patty decorated the tree with all of the ornaments and such that we have collected over time, and then got the house completely redecorated from Thanksgiving/Fall to Xmas/Winter - lots of work! Since she was coming down with a cold, she didn't feel that well for most of it, but enjoys redecorating so much that she persevered!

While she was doing all that, I was off with some friends playing 3rd Ed AD&D once again! We just started a new game, which should hopefully have its own page on here at some time in the near future. I might end up losing the old RPG link and replacing it with a sparkling new page dedicated to this new game. We hope to have character journals and descriptions, and maybe other items as well.