Friday, December 06, 2002

Well, we got a total of about 6" - 7" here, forcing me to shovel a walkway for the dogs and take the top snow off of the gravels where they normally do their business. Even so, Maggie doesn't like the cold wet stuff, and needs encouragement to go outside. Toby just tears off around the yard enjoying himself thoroughly. He even once forgot that the pool was there, and while it is covered, the cover is now touching the water level, making an oval pond in the snow... Now there are tracks down the slope almost to the water level, sliding, then signs of an escape just before hitting the water. :) Getting to work this morning was slow going, it really wasn't so bad, as even the worst parts were less than solid ice, so I could at least coast in a straight line. The bad part is that there are so many impatient idiots that have decided that they can go 50 in a 30mph zone that is covered with packed snow and icy slush. Morons. Hopefully they won't hurt anyone in their rush to be first in these dangerous conditions.