Friday, January 17, 2003

22f this morning, about an inch of dry icy snow fell last night, the kind that blows around and drifts well, if there were any wind to speak of. They claim that the wind will begin today, which might move part of the snow around, but as of now it is calm.

Last night we cleaned out Patty's desk and office - three trips. Eight years is a long time for personal items to accumulate. We still can't believe that the boss would be so arbitrary as to give her job to an eminently unqualified person who was formerly a 1-day per week contractor. This person must be a very good friend indeed to have convinced the boss to give Patty's job to her, pushing Patty down the hard-won ladder. All that would have been required was to leave Patty's position as it was, and create an equal position for the contractor, but no compromise was forthcoming, and now they have lost the most loyal and hard-working worker they had.

Patty, on the other hand, is alternately hopeful for the future, hurt and betrayed by her former friend and employer, and tearful because she misses all her longtime friends at work. She is beginning to explore other avenues, such as writing and substitute teaching, and has actually already begun a novel/short story! From what I have read, it promises to be quite good! I offered to set up a blog for her so that she could share it with a larger audience, but she is somewhat resistant to the concept. *grin*