Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Not much has been going on this week - Patty has had several interviews, and is enjoying her time at home. She is working on a book and would like to become an author - fiction or perhaps magazine/newspaper articles.

I am making progress in our ongoing difficulties in backing up a W2K server - I am still working on getting BrightStor's w2k agent working, but in the meantime I have set up a tar for the three drives to tar.gzip all of the files to another server where there is lots of room. The target server gets backed up nightly, so that will partially resolve the backup problem with the W2K server. Kudos for Brian for figuring out how to bypass the 2gb limit on samba!

Just got back from ComDex. What a waste of time. Last year ComDex was both floors of the convention center, this year it was not quite half of the top floor only. We finished a complete walk-through in under an hour, and that includes talking with 3-4 vendors about applications for their product.