Sunday, January 26, 2003

Yesterday was a relaxing day, we drove around a bit just to give Patty an idea of where her prospective employers were, then stayed home a bit and read/napped, then went out to dinner with three other couples. The food was good and the company was great.

Today was spent taking the christmas tree down and re-boxing all of its branches and such - it was, after all, MY idea to get a 9' tree, so I get to bear the brunt of carrying the 120 lb monster back upstairs and then to the garage for storage. While I was at it, I took all of the multitude of boxes full of assorted christmas decor back to the attic (in the garage, of course). It's nice having all that attic storage, its just a pain having to back one of the cars out to get to it!

It began snowing around 4pm here, maybe a bit earlier. It's not sticking badly, only a dusting has stuck, and its the large wet flakes. Of course, it is supposed to reach 20 tonight, so we could have an interesting morning commute!