Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Well, Buffy was pre-empted by some silly 'bloopers' show. *sigh* We ended up watching 'Get Shorty' - I liked it. :)

At work, I experimented some more with the failing BrightStor Windows 2000 agent. So far I have seen nearly identical failures on three machines, one of them on the same switch as the unix server the main backup application is installed on. All of the other units backup fine, it seems that only w2k machines suffer this failure. The tech still insists that the agent is not at fault, because nobody else has called this problem in. We changed registry settings for the agent three times, with failures all three times. I'm interested to see what he comes up with next. So far I have noticed that when he runs out of answers he tends to dismiss the problem as hardware or networking issues that he can't fix, thus not his problem. (Instead of escalating the issue to someone that may be able to help, as I believe he should have done already.) My fear is that HE is the one people escalate to, thus meaning there is no higher authority.