Monday, February 17, 2003

Did some other chores, then hit the driveway again every couple of hours. Usually got one pass along the driveway done, then back inside. Just now I tried again, got another row done, and felt good enough to try for a main-run lengthwise down to the road! I got to the 4'x3' rock-hard pile of snow left for me by the state and broke my snow shovel.

Oh, and its snowing again.


Tomorrow I get to call into work (if it is open) and plead snowbound. Then I get to use the METAL shovel (spade, actually) to break up and remove the massive snowdam at the bottom of my driveway. I think the snow shovel is usable IF I don't stress it. It cracked on both sides of the socket - where the handle goes into the blade portion. All I can do is try and be careful, and take little 2" slices of the 24" snow in an effort to not break it completely. If it does break, I have to use the spade, which is NOT made for that sort of thing, and is much smaller (though stronger!).

What happened to all the teenagers running door too door and offering to shovel my drive? Usually we get several of them after a snow, this time - de nada.

Well, I'm off to take a massive dose of painkillers and try to rest my back for tomorrow's labors. Goodnight!