Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Finished the driveway moments ago. Patty and I tag-teamed it, working in shifts of 15-20 min, then resting for 30-45 min, depending on pain factor. I pushed it more than I should have at the end, but got the 4' ridge of ice/snow out of the way before calling it a day. I can get out and back in again tomorrow. It looks kinda funny, actually, we only did my half of the driveway (well, 2/3) and a walkway along the right to the mailbox, leaving a 5' wide swath from the bottom almost to the top of the drive. The 8'-10' cleared part was melting off as we cleared it - its dry now for the most part. The nice sunny day helped a lot. Of course, the sun also made the snow weigh twice as much as the light powdery stuff that it fell as. If I had gotten to it immediately with the blower I might have saved myself a lot of trouble! Next time, perhaps.

Anyways, after I finished the drive I lay down in the floor with my bright red feet a foot or so from the fireplace - actually on the marble hearth. They were numb and red - the shoes I wore were not sensible by any means, and by the time I was finished there at the end were soaked through. After 10 min of rest, I could feel my toes and could wiggle them again. While I was on the floor, Maggie licked my face clean. :) Now to the shower and a long nap before BUFFY comes on tonight!

In other news, it looks like Blogger was just purchased by Google! Dunno what this means, but since this site is generated by Blogger, it will likely impact me in some fashion.