Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Made it to work - took an hour for what is normally a 25 min drive. The roads themselves weren't bad, just slush in places but mostly just wet. The problem was that there wasn't very much road to drive on. The window-high piles of snow bracketed a single lane on most side roads, and maybe two lanes on other, more major, roads. For instance, 355 is a main road - 270 is the interstate. 270 had a few places where 7 lanes turned into three and then into one. Talk about a backup. 355 had one place that I had to drive through that went from three lanes to one and a half (to be generous). And of course people had to use the bad right lane to try to hop in front of people when you could SEE that the lane ended several carlengths away. I stayed in the middle lane mostly, because sometimes the right lane went away and sometimes the left. :)