Friday, February 21, 2003

Well, progress on the backup front: BrightStor called and my problem is being escalated to the next level. About time. Only took them what, six months to decide that they didn't know how to fix it?

In the meantime we have cobbled together a simple tar-gzip weekly backup to one of the linux servers. Works fine, but its not a system-level backup, only file-by-file, and then only the ones not in use. Better than nothing though.

Patty and I are both sick - sore throats, sore like there is a scratch or something in the upper back of the throat. The back of our necks ache at times as well, but other than that we don't feel too bad. Some drainage as well, perhaps just sinuses rebelling against the cold dry air. I think we worked ourselves too hard on shoveling the snow, exhausted ourselves too far and that got us ill.

Patty and I also are beginning plans for our wedding - we have the rings (we pick hers up tomorrow), and I will get a license next week. We are wavering between a Justice Of the Peace and a Church Wedding - not sure what we can afford, and not sure how we would handle the travel arrangements for family and friends. We are right in the middle of both families, one is four hours north, the other four hours south. :)