Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Well, it's been busy.

Saturday and Sunday were 'relax' days - although we picked up Patty's wedding ring (lovely) and began tentative plans for our wedding (March?).

Monday at work was divided between sites, part of which dealt with backup issues and the other part with contract RFP issues. All done now except for the review and edit process.

Today is my brother's birthday! Happy Birthday Greg! I would give ya 33 spanks but you're bigger than me.

I got to work today to find an attempted hack in progress - from 7am to 9:30ish the same person was attacking the firewall in a very thorough manner - I got over 300 alarms in just that short time. He didn't get through the firewall, and managed to leave enough clues to allow us to nail him. His machine was likely compromised by a trojan of some sort - which could happen from opening attachments in email or just reading some emails - this is why I will normally not read any email from those I don't know, and never ever open attachments even from those I know unless I am expecting it. Heh - I don't even read email from friends and family unless they have subjects that I'm interested in. All these fwd:fwd:fwd: subjects just get deleted. :)