Monday, March 10, 2003

A couple of articles on SlashDot that I found interesting:
Serial SCSI coming soon?
Google Hacks and wierd search scripts (edited 7/2/09 - original link went away. Thanks for the FYI, Joyce!)

Sunday I played Unreal 2 for over SEVEN HOURS. From the reviews, I should be over halfway done. The game is OK. Not raving or anything, its merely OK. I should have waited for the price to drop from $50 to $25 - then I would be happier with it. The graphics are awesome - no complaint there. The weapons are Ok, the enemies are OK, the gameplay itself is OK. The plotline is fairly good, and the voice acting ranges from professional acting to off-the-street acting. "Hey, if I give you $10, would you say 'I don't know anything! The others left me behind!' into this microphone?"
That kind of acting. Overall, I would give it a 6 out of 10 points. I'll finish it, then this thing will hit Ebay - maybe I can get $25 for it.

There was no gaming yesterday, by the way - I had misunderstood an email - everyone else knew about it, and I had the email stating it, but I had forgotten. Oh well - we will eventually game again.