Sunday, March 09, 2003

Yesterday we went to Best Buy - and spent far more money than we had expected! a battery backup - rated at 1500 - was $200 alone! Then we added a cable modem, firewall/router, a couple of CDs, and Unreal II. :) Installing Unreal II today - should be fun. I also have gaming today, unless something else goes wrong there. I'll likely get to play Unreal II just enough to get a feel for it, and then have to leave it. Patty is going shopping with a friend, so everyone is busy today!

Yesterday earlier we went to see DareDevil. I really enjoyed it! The plot and script were good, the acting was passable, and the effects were fantastic. There were a few spots where the CGI didn't blend well, and once where the wire-work was obvious, but overall a good job.

Last night we watched 'Minority Report' - also a very good movie!