Friday, March 07, 2003

Last night we went to the Olney Theatre to see 'Dames at Sea'. I enjoyed it, lots of singing and dancing, and all the players had great voices. There were a lot of funny bits as well, so good for the whole family. The one annoyance at this particular showing was the 7-10 busloads of kids that were there. Seemed like high schoolers, complete with the typical lack of consideration and thoughtlessness associated with the breed. The place was sold out, and some of the kids wanted to sit with their friends, and so had to be told to move to their seats, but then came back during intermission and had to be told yet again. Some of the kids had a need to impress their friends with how rude they could be - whistling and catcalling the actresses and such.

I fully support children attending plays. WITH THEIR PARENTS. Busloads of kids with no proper supervision - no. Sorry.