Monday, March 17, 2003

Nice, relaxing weekend - went to a few flea markets, even got a table at one and sold several of Patty's items. Got her website established as well. Just a very basic site now, but I hope to add some flair to it soon.

Today at work, we made some backups of the main server, in anticipation of the complete re-installation of it tomorrow. I have some reservations about this, as this network is incredibly complex, and I'm sure something will be forgotten in the mix. Ah well, we will deal with these things as they occur.

I also moved a primary folder to another server, and after establishing the Samba shares and getting the drives ready, I TARed up the old folders and copied the 1.6gb file to the new server, then during the untar session it failed. Hmmm... Seems that I had established the new share off the ROOT, not off the mirrored 240gb drives I had expected. OOPS. Quick deletes and edits later, re-mounted the share on the correct device, got the data moved successfully, and all seems to be going well. Just a bit of stress as filling up the root of a main server is never a good thing. Especially during the period of the day that is normally 'hands off' due to the server's mission-critical role.