Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Well, yesterday was a wee bit o' fun. During a major refit of the primary server here, a drive failed. Actually, I found out this morning, three drives failed. Now, out of 20 drives, that isn't a great ratio. Two of the drives were from mirrored stripes, so no data was lost, but that last drive was from the only unmirrored stripe in the box, which means that the data is kerflooey. This morning I reinstalled the agent portion of BrightStor - remember my past comments about BrightStor? We will be restoring the lost data this morning. :) Hope springs eternal.

Other than that, Patty and I are planning on getting married at some time next week. Perhaps Friday. Small, simple ceremony - no guests, just us. :) Eloping, as it were.

Last night I got to play a little Mechwarrior 4 : Mercenaries online, with the new point release patch 1 installed. Not bad - overall they fixed a bunch of bugs and corrected some of the more heinous problems with game balance.

I have been having a problem with my home machine, however, in that ever since I installed APC's personal software, I can't shut the machine down. It goes to the cyan screen that normally only appears for 15 sec or so before it shuts off, and it stays there. For several hours, or until I turn off the power. I know it is the APC software that did it, but uninstalling the software fails just after it warns me that windows cannot detect my UPS, and thus it cannot re-enable the windows power software. **sigh**

Maybe a registry scrubbing is in the offing - seek and destroy APC.