Monday, March 24, 2003

Saturday : We spent the day out at book fairs and did a little shopping, and had Arbys for lunch. Did you know they stopped offering the Super on the menu? You have to order a regular roast beef 'like a super' for $0.27 extra. sheesh. I guess they needed the menu space for the new non-roast beef offerings they now have. I kinda wish they would have stayed just a roast beef place. Oh well.

Sunday : We spent most of the day at a flea market trying to clear out some of the miscellaneous items from our storage room. We sold a bunch of stuff, and I even got rid of most of my stock of old Maximum PC and PcGamer CDs. Not a bad way to spend the day, but I wouldn't want to do it very often. When we got home and decompressed, I discovered that I had a very bad sunburn on half my face. The other half is merely sunburned. Oh joy. Getting married on Tuesday and my face will either be bright red or peeling, or both.

Monday morning - after multiple applications of aloe, my face still burns. I'll keep putting this glop on in the hopes that any peeling will be minimal. It does help the pain a bit too. :) While trying on my suit, we discovered that while it will do for the wedding, it is far from a perfect fit. It seems that I have become more of a man since buying it. About 20-30 lbs more, actually. I'll have to make do, but once the wedding is over we need to have it resized - or perhaps bite the bullet and replace the jacket. Also, has anyone seen my lapis lazuli tie-tack? Simple round gold tie-tack with blue lapis, seems to be missing.