Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Imagine my delight at hearing that we were going to implement BrightStor in a mission-critical continual backup role! Now not only would it be backing up the servers and such, but we were going to trust it to run continual backups of log files, and it for some reason the log file backups stopped or failed, not only would we not be able to recover, but the application that generated the logs would just stop dead. We can't even get this package to make reliable backups of W2K systems, and now the primary application for the office will rely on it. Oh, the cruel barbs of fate.

Patty and I are doing great! Being married is awesome - I recommend it to my friends.

I really should do our taxes. I suppose I'm procrastinating, as I have had the software on my desk for a month, and haven't even installed it. *sigh* I suppose I'll try to do that tonight. The worst part is that we will be getting money back! I'm trying to save $250 by doing them myself, and this will be the first attempt since buying our home. Next year we can file jointly, which will hopefully be simpler but on the down side will also not get us as much of a refund.

Patty's website is shaping up nicely. She is busy making things and taking pictures, and I'm putting them on the web.