Thursday, April 03, 2003

Well, it warmed up considerably around here. As Brian said, he was watching it snow Monday, and then outside mowing the lawn in shorts and a t-shirt Tuesday!

At work, we are still fighting with getting BrightStor to back up a W2K box, and now we cannot seem to restore an Informix database. Good thing we tested this before we needed it to restore something critical. I intensely dislike BrightStor with the fury of a thousand suns. Why do we use it? Because it is among the few, the proud, the only package to support our rather old tape library. I'm pushing for a new tape library and new backup software that would actually WORK, but with budget issues, it just isn't going to happen.

Anyone have a better backup solution for a bunch of linux and solaris boxes, a few NT and W2K boxes, and a Spectralogic 4000/5000 library with 4 DDS4 drives in it? The library is hooked to a solaris 8 box. We must have the capability to back up Informix databases in their native (raw) state on a remote (also Solaris 8) server across the network. Fun fun fun. Note that we must be able to back up in excess of 1,000,000 files across 4 drives in under 12 hours.