Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Last night I received in the mail the external USB 2.0 hard drive enclosure I had ordered - under $50 shipped! After Buffy, I took apart the Dell server I was running Red Hat 8.0 on as a backup server, determined which drive was the /home drive I was using for backups by the simple method of unplugging one drive and booting the box. Up pops the Grub loader, so I guessed right. Reconfigured the Red Hat unit to not know about the second drive - then installed it into the External unit.

Now I have an external 80gb drive to do all my backups to! No need for samba or the like, I can directly back up to the unit using MS Backup and Synchronizer, and for an image backup I can ghost the partitions to the drive as well! (with the Ghost USB boot diskette).

Nice! Tonight I'll start the backup process - will take a while to make the first synchronizer images, so I better get started!

Today at work I downloaded ALL SIX RH9.0 ISO images - I will be putting a kitchen sink install on the dell once I have time. I'm hoping to eventually get it working as a business computer for Patty. No need for fancy graphics cards, just basic office suite apps. Should be fun.