Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Well, Monday I ended up going home sick - apparently I caught something nasty that has been going around. Hopefully I didn't pass it on to anyone. Once home, I slept for 4-5 more hours and then rested on the couch, watching my Revolution OS DVD that just arrived! Interesting material for those who might be interested in the development of computers and Operating Systems, especially the Linux and variant systems. I got to play some Deus Ex late in the day, but not much, as I was still not feeling great.

Tuesday back at work - took care of some problems and began researching Poledit. I updated my forensics CD, and put together utility folders for 98, NT, and W2K - including the regedit and poledit programs, as well as all of the networking items.

Tuesday night was a new Buffy! Only 3 more after this one, and then the series is over! I'll miss it, but it is really getting intense. Last episode, Zander had an eye poked out by the bad guy, and this time the same bad guy just thrashed Buffy around like a helpless rag doll, then waled away laughing. The entire gang of potential slayers and the scooby gang of old all agreed that Buffy was getting reckless, and voted her out. (!) Faith took over the group. Personally, I place more trust in Faith. She at least wants to be alive. Buffy I'm not so sure of anymore. The next few episodes should really be great! I just hope they put them out quick and don't make us endure reruns between each new one.