Thursday, May 15, 2003

I'm noticing a slowdown on the internet - if the cable-surge prot is the cause, it will have to go. We'll watch it for a while.

As for the SanDisk flash reader? Installed it, installed the latest drivers for it. No see my CF card. 'My Computer' hangs when I put a card in. It seems that everything is right, no driver or hardware problems, it just doesn't work with this card. *sigh* Reading on the web I find to my dismay that there are huge compatibility problems between makers of cards and makers of readers at this point. I'll hang onto the reader - maybe I'll find a patch. In the meantime, a co-worker has a perfectly good reader that cost a bit more but I know works with my card - used it today.

Since the card reader failed to work, I decided to go ahead and try the docking station once more, just for the heck of it. Today I had to re-flash OpenZaurus on the unit, and I set up the network stuff again. At home I uninstalled the IntelliSync software and re-installed the latest version.

Someone online mentioned that you had to connect the Zaurus to the cradle with it on, and remove it also with it on - don't turn it on or off in the cradle or it locks up occasionally. Use the 'STOP DEVICE' option in the removable media tray app. They also mentioned that once it was in the cradle, you had to verify that the security was set to 'any', that the network device was set to the proper IP, with the gateway being your PC. Then they mentioned the magic words - your PC ip address has to match what the gateway for the Zaurus is, and your gateway must be the Z's IP. HMMMM.

I did this, immediately got a ping, and was able to sync and transfer files to my heart's content! WOO!

So, I put all the apps up there that I needed, and installed the Opie Reader - and was able to read html files natively, even though it still doesn't load them automatically - you have to load them from inside the reader.

Now it is bedtime - and I will be sleeping soon. Goodnight!