Thursday, May 15, 2003

Today was a good day. I stopped by CompUsa on the way home, picked up a USB CompactFlash/SD media reader/writer from SanDisk ($20), two surge protectors ($20 ea), 50 CD-Rs ($17), and a small black camera bag to carry (I thought) the Zaurus and associated cables around easier. ($9)

The bag does not fit the Zaurus when it is in its nice leather holder. Works OK without the holder, but then why have it? Oh well.

Ripped apart all of the mangled and twisted wiring under my desk and re-wired everything logically, using wire-ties and proper routing. Everything is now on UPS battery outlets, with all of the important stuff on the main UPS and the secondary items on the old UPS. I even have the cable for the cable-modem running through a surge bar. Next - the two phone lines into the phone - need to be routed thru the surge prots first. Maybe tomorrow.

Booted everything up at once - no beeps. With everything on and working, I pull almost 400 watts. Nice! Gives me just a bit under 30 min on this APC XS-1500 UPS I have. The other UPS is barely loaded at all, but it keeps the phone, wireless stereo headphones, CD-player, and the Dell server running nicely.