Thursday, May 15, 2003

Well, yesterday I flashed the ROM on my Zaurus to install the OpenZaurus package in place of the default Sharp one, and everything looked wonderful. Until I got it home and tried to make it sync up with my PC - wouldn't even transfer files like it used to. Apparently the USB networking driver doesn't like the OpenZaurus software much. *sigh*. Maybe Brian knows a trick on how to make this work. I would really prefer to use OpenZaurus, as it is more user-friendly and has more applications for it than the default software, and I would like to use Intellisync to synchronize it with my Outlook. I researched this fairly thoroughly, and tried all the things that apparently worked for others. I can get the USB network on the Zaurus to show that it is UP, but then when the PC tries to connect it locks up the Z - to the point I have to do a hard-reset, which is not good.

Today I hope to get the software install packages onto the media card, at least then I can install the additional software I want to have on it!