Thursday, May 22, 2003

So far so good! The computer still shuts down correctly. I just received that CF/SD card reader that I ordered, and it does the same thing that the sandisk one did - if seems to work until I put in a card, at which point it locks up the computer. I took it to work and installed it there, same problem. As a last-ditch effort I tried the SD instead of the CF, and it worked. Hmmm - perhaps my CF is messed up a bit? Maybe it cannot handle the 256mb cards?

In any event, it works fine with the 128mb SD card. I can use that to transfer whatever I need, and the docking station at home, so I am now connected to the Zaurus as I wanted to be.

Buffy was awesome Tuesday night - I expect a spinoff at some point in the near future, but I hope is based around Faith and not Dawn. :)

I'm up to chapter 5 of the Draco Veritas fanfic novel by Cassandra Claire. She is a great writer, and I am thoroughly enjoying her work. (Link below - 5/16)

I just downloaded a bunch of e-books in html format, and apparently have gone past the halfway point on my 256mb CF card in the Zaurus! I'll be pruning back a bit, I think.