Friday, May 30, 2003


Found out Wed night that the pool will be opening a bit later than we expected. A cracked distribution switch makes for a $150 repair, IF we can find the parts. *sigh* They are looking now - should hear from them this weekend. The winter was HARSH, but I have a sneaky suspicion that this particular crack was caused by the landscaper we hired last year. I caught one of the workers sitting on the dist switch - the very one that is cracked now, right at one of the main support pipes. hmmmmm...

I watched Tomb Raider again the other night while Patty retired early - she's not feeling 100%, likely the mold in the air from 28 days of rain out of 30 this month! I have a bit of sinus trouble myself, but not so bad I can't watch Lara Croft!

I put a bunch of my favorite mp3 files on the Zaurus - it makes a very nice player! Now I need to find wireless earbuds with a tiny transmitter. :)

Repartitioned the external 80gb drive and reformatted it as a single 80gb NTFS volume. Got tired of the unstable fat32 partitions - apparently usb mass storage is not up to huge fat32 volumes. NTFS is more stable, in my limited experience. If I need to get to the info without an ntfs OS? I'll use Knoppix.

If someone would invent a way to connect a USB drive to the Zaurus... Now THAT would be great! Maybe have a CD-ROM drive for it as well? :)

I did a little checking - right now, the sweet spot as far as computer hardware is with the ASUS P4P800 motherboard, the Intel P4 2.8ghz HT CPU (800mhz FSB), and two 512mb Kingston PC3500 CAS2 DDR434/DDR400 RAM chips. This combination is $701 shipped from Newegg,com. Combine that with any of the GeForce4 or GeForceFX cards and you have one great system! Ah well, perhaps in a year or so I will be able to afford whatever is the sweet spot then. :) Purely an excercise in futility now. But I like to keep up with technology, even if I can't buy it all!