Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Well, the cover is off the pool and the Pool Man is coming by today or tomorrow to officially open it up - add chemicals, start the pump, check everything out, flush the filter and prep it for the initial start-up. The water is green. Not attractive. This was a hard winter on the poor pool - there are repairs which need to be made, such as the weather strip around the concrete skirt - was partially evicted from it's seat, leaving a 3' chunk of it outside the seam. *sigh*

Finished the Draco Veritas fanfic novel. Only 12 chapters complete, with 7 more planned. Oh, how will I ever survive?!

Got several books from the website - yes, free books online! I downloaded a couple of Keith Laumer books - so far very entertaining, and will keep me happily reading on my Zaurus. This thing makes an awesome e-book reader!