Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Good day so far - managed to get all three major type of computers fully ready-to-build, then made ghost images of all three, copied them to the net, and now I am nearly finished putting the image on the four Precision 650 units! I am multi-tasking as well, and have been working on getting the image installed on the D800 Latitudes as well. THese have been problem after problem. First, Knoppix has no NIC driver for the onboard 1gb NIC on the D800. The USB-NIC is 10/100, but limited to USB 1.1 speeds. Took over an hour and a half to copy the 1.3gb image onto the box from the network.
At Brian's suggestion, I used split to make two halves, and then burned two CDs - barely fit! Now I have booted to a DOS diskette, copied the two halves onto the FAT32 partition, and will next boot Knoppix and join them together, then boot ghost and burn the image to the NTFS partition. Whew! Many steps. But FAR better than building up each one from scratch!