Thursday, July 17, 2003

Tonight we go see"Monster" at the Olney Theatre. An adaptation of "Frankenstein" - should be good.

The tree limb is finally gone, Anderson Tree for $150. Cheapest price in town for a 10" diameter limb around 20' long. Ouch.

One place wanted $400 just to take the limb, $895 to take the rest of the tree as well, $365 to grind the stump down below grade, and $2500 to replace it with a 15' maple.

Sheesh. We'll take our chances with the rest of the tree. We like it. :)

The heat pump is in, and works well! We took the temp from 80 to 71 in under 3 hours. Not too shabby! Looks good, even though the outside unit is easily 4x the size of the old one. Truly awe-inspiring. The thing is massive.