Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Well, today is the big Heat Pump install! A 3.5 ton unit, 12 seer. Supposed to barely fit into the available space, and will require custom ductwork to make the existing ducts work with the new unit. This is what you get when you replace a 28 yr old unit, I suppose.

For most of this week so far I have been working on configuring a Dell GX260 unit to be my new desktop here at work, replacing the Inspiron 8000 I will be surrendering at some point in the near future. As I posted recently, the Blue Screen of Death visited me - forcing a reinstall of the entire unit. This was determined to be caused by GoBack. I have not installed GoBack again, and everything else that was on the box when it died, as well as a LOT more, is currently installed and no problems.

This is a 2.6gb P4 CPU with a 40gb HD and 1gb ram. Nice. :) I got a CD-RW from another new Dell (Precision 650) and it just slotted right in, no problems at all! Now I am trying each of the utilities and applications that I used to use and re-registering them or copying them from the old system. So far so good!