Friday, August 01, 2003

Finished all four Precisions, all seven Latitudes, and I'm starting the build on one of three Optiplex gx260 units (the other three were custom-tailored). As far as computers go, we should be 80% done with the configs by move day. I'll have to customize each box for it's new owner, but that shouldn't take long, especially for the Precisions.

These last three GX260's I think I will made into dual-boot W2K/RH9 units. I have a ghost image from mine, so I can just restore that onto the back end, and have RH9 out there in the world if people want to test it out. As for the front end W2K, I am doing a bare-metal build. Once I get to a point where the image would be a good basic unit, I'll ghost it and put that on the other two, which will be done. Then this one I will customize for Larry - the boss. ;)